Photo: foster chaffee photography

Photo: foster chaffee photography

Hello and welcome! I'm Julie, and my mission is to help people infuse a bit more kindness into their everyday. 

I'm a wife and a mama of 2 in Madison, Wisconsin, which was a shock (to my body and my family) since I came from the south. But God had called me here for graduate school at UW-Madison, in math, and has kept me here as I stayed, settled in, and grew a family. It was here that I launched into a career path with twists and turns that has landed me with the best job I could ask for, as a Noonday Collection Ambassador. In other words, I'm a stylist, a storyteller, a connector, and an advocate. I'm in the business of connecting people to each other and the world around them, through story and through resources to put compassion into action. I long to grow the market for Noonday's artisan partners, who are doing amazing work in their communities by using business as a vehicle for social change for people in vulnerable circumstances. And along the way, I've found many women in my community are after the same thing as me: practical ways to be a better steward of the earth, and neighbor to our fellow humans, through fair trade fashion and also so much more. And so I created the Kind Consumer Challenge to give us community and resources to do just that.

You can usually find me chilling with/wrangling my kids (ages 6 and 8), folding endless laundry while binge-watching Netflix, and working my business, often from my couch in PJs (fitting for a stylist, no?) or from one of the local fair trade coffee shops that I frequent. (Drink of choice these days: almond milk cappuccino, in the biggest mug you'll give me, pretty please.) I'm a lover of books but reader of too few, a board-game player, a mostly-real-food cook, a mild homebody who also loves gathering people and longs for more travel and exploration of this beautiful world.

I live a comfortable life, but have sought out hard conversations and truths around things like racial inequality, human trafficking, and environmental degradation. I've wrestled with what this means to me, and what I'm called to do about it. And I truly believe that all of us can make an impact, right from where we are. I believe we can be a voice of influence, and that our daily habits - such as how we spend our money, or how we interact with our stuff, our waste, and more - can be a force for good for our planet and its people. And as a stay-at-home mom with an autoimmune disease and precious little energy I found a calling to connect people to their own potential for changing the world, right where they are, right now

So take a look around. Join me. Let's change the world together, and let's have some fun - and look super stylish - while doing it.