Gift with Love

Don’t you love giving and receiving gifts that have story behind them? Don’t you love adorning yourself, or your walls or mantel, with pieces that are meaningful? Unsurprisingly, I’ve got you covered. Come explore our newest winter/holiday line - a lovely little collection of home decor, gift items starting at $14, ornaments, and more.

This is my third winter season with Noonday, and it’s the best yet, with a huge variety of styles and types of items. Why not put your wallet to work this holiday season, and spend in a way that is creating opportunity around the globe while creating a meaningful experience for your own celebrations? Everybody wins. Check out Noonday’s gift guide at my site, and scroll below for some of my highlights.

#1: Perfectly Cozy Scarves

As the weather cools, I’m obsessed with my Ruffled Scarf. It’s navy with a deep pink trim, and the perfect amount of feminine frill. We also get the return of last year’s super-popular Cozy Cables Zip Scarf, in the most perfect soft persimmon shade. Both of these feature an alpaca blend from Peru. Lean in close, Wisconsonites: alpacas know how to dress for the cold.

Cozy Cables Zip Scarf photo credit: @abbiefosterchaffee

Cozy Cables Zip Scarf photo credit: @abbiefosterchaffee

Also pictured: Bazaar Bells from India

Also pictured: Bazaar Bells from India

#2: A Global Mantel


Let’s stay on Peru a moment. Hilos y Colores, the artisan group behind our Peruvian Pom Wreath, has created jobs for hundreds of women in the war-torn Ayacucho region. These jobs had centered on embroidery, but when they encountered women in need of jobs who were elderly and whose eyesight was too poor to execute the intricate designs, they decided to get creative. What work could they create for these women? Poms. They taught them to make poms, which are all over our incredible new wreath - which I hope will adorn your home all year round. What an amazing example of truly creating opportunity through understanding the needs of those in vulnerable communities. I so admire our artisan partners for their leadership and innovation that led to this design - and I’m thankful that people like you make their work possible by giving it a market in which to land.

Also featured in this photo is the Hmong Stocking, created from recycled, authentic Hmong clothing. Our partner group in Vietnam repurposes the clothing into all sorts of items, meaning this item creates income for those who made the fabric as well as the seamstresses who repurposed it. But the fabric isn’t created for commercial use - and I love knowing that it first adorned a sister across the globe before making its way to me. To see the whole beautiful story of what traditional fabric means to the Hmong people, check out my newest blog post on Flourish! Due to the recycled nature of these, they’re in assorted patterns (all with red and orange tones), reflecting the variety of patterns the Hmong women create.

Note that the lamps in this photo aren’t Noonday; I purchased them from a lantern shop in downtown Hanoi while visiting our artisan partners there in April! In fact, on that trip we got a sneak peek at the stocking as it was being made. What special, personal touches would you add to your own mantel?

#3: Impactful Gifts for All, starting at just $14

Untitled design (13).png

Did you know every handmade Noonday item comes beautifully packaged and includes a card about those who created it? What a special way to honor your gift recipient and connect them to a bigger story.

Whether you’re giving the sophisticated Dainty Shapes Photo Holders to your brother, the Tapestry Journal to your niece who loves to sketch, or the Patina Ornaments to your kids’ teachers or clients you want to celebrate…I’ve got you covered. Check our my site for the full winter line, which includes great gifts starting at $14.

Who’s on your list?