6 Lessons from Vietnam on Entrepreneurship and Life

I was so honored to be chosen to create a one-time post for Noonday Collection's blog, Flourish, all about our trip to Vietnam. (And just this week, I was chosen to be a regular contributor for the next year, so you'll be seeing more of me there soon, posting about all kinds of things about life and impact!)

This post was a labor of love. How on earth could I distill thousands of moments, memories, laughs and lessons into one post? How could I express the talent I saw there, all we learned from our artisan partners, the fun we had, and how compelling this opportunity is for anyone wanting a career that offers global connection and impact through local influence?

So I got practical: I thought about how everything I experienced there pointed to a takeaway that I wanted to bring into my own life and business here, which means maybe you'll be inspired too. I distilled everything down into 6 practical lessons for me and for you. This trip wasn't a week away from reality, to be stored away to gather cobwebs in my mind; it informs my life going forward in tangible ways.

At Noonday, we always say things like "we are all connected," "we are better together," and "when we look across the globe, we don't see strangers; we see ourselves." So in that spirit, I invite you to experience Vietnam with me: the sights, the sounds, and most of all, the wisdom offered by our artisan partners who I so admire. Read on! And, HUGE thanks to everyone who ordered, hosted, and joined my team last year; you truly are impacting lives, and it's thanks to you that I was able to earn this opportunity.

Continue reading to learn all about Mai's story

Continue reading to learn all about Mai's story

Across an ocean, across the supply chain, we piled into small workshops and lush courtyards to watch some of our favorite pieces come to life. In the Artisans, and on noisy streets and quiet beaches with friends, I encountered wisdom I want to emulate in my own business and life, and share with those I coach. And as our Artisan business partners commit so fiercely to their work, I’m compelled to step up in mine so that together we can grow this movement. I hope these six takeaways will inspire you along your own path too...

Continue reading here, and if you want to make a purchase with impact, see my site! (Photo credit: Caryn Noel)

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