Fighting Sexual Exploitation: Local Meets Global

I had the honor of meeting recently with Kayla, who founded a local non-profit ministry called Every Daughter. The purpose of Every Daughter is to provide outreach for sexually exploited and trafficked women in our area and to connect them to resources and programs that can support their exit from prostitution. A mutual friend had connected us and we immediately knew there could be beautiful synergy if we came together: the non-profit and the business; the local and the global; the opportunity for guests to participate in change through how they donate as well as how they spend.

Sexual exploitation is a problem everywhere. To better understand what it means, and the subset of "trafficking," see this excellent article from Exodus Cry.

Volunteers with Every Daughter build relationships with women and connect them with services in the community such as legal advocacy, medical and mental health care, substance abuse treatment, employment resources, peer support groups, and assistance to meet their basic needs. Every Daughter provides ongoing support and care for women through the ups and downs of the journey as they bravely step into a fresh chapter of their lives.

Women Behind Noonday's Storyline Collection

Women Behind Noonday's Storyline Collection

This outreach reminds me of what Noonday's partner group in East Asia does, as they go into brothels to invite women out and into dignified work and job training. When Noonday placed its first order of their 10K gold plated accessories (collectively, the Storyline Collection), we provided over 1,500 days of work for the women they employ as well as support for the social programs provided such as educational training, housing, and childcare for the women. Now, thanks to women like you supporting our sisters across the globe, our partner was able to hire its first full-time outreach coordinator, to pour into women even more. To read more about this partner, click here.

Cherry in Ethiopia

Cherry in Ethiopia

Every Daughter's work also reminds me of Cherry, whose heart for prostitutes in Addis Ababa grew into a beautiful organization, Ellilta Women at Risk. Ellilta provides skills training, counseling, education, childcare, and more. The beautiful jewelry they create for Noonday is made from upcycled bullets, transforming tools of destruction into tools of empowerment and beauty. Just like the metal, the women are experiencing a new chapter in their lives, proving that while their past is always a part of their story, it does not define them or limit what they can become. To see Noonday's collection of bullets-to-beads pieces, sourced from Ellilta as well as a group providing employment for people with HIV/AIDS, click here. Read more about Cherry here.

In addition to these groups that work directly with exploited women, all of Noonday's partners are in the fight to prevent exploitation simply by ensuring women are empowered and safe, and providing jobs that are helping sustain healthy families where all children are in school and have support for a bright future.


A New Collaboration

In an effort to fight sexual exploitation and trafficking on multiple fronts, Every Daughter and I are announcing a collaboration: Empowering Women Near and Far events, where guests are invited to support Every Daughter through donations while supporting Noonday's partner groups through purchasing. These events will be in homes, and will be a hybrid of a Noonday Collection Trunk Show and an educational fundraiser all about Every Daughter's work.

We are kicking off with an event on Sunday, August 26 in Sun Prairie. Guests will hear from Kayla about what Every Daughter does and how they can get involved. I will share Noonday's style and story, especially as it relates to women emerging from prostitution and violence and into flourishing. It will be an invitation to get involved in changing lives, near and far.

Click here to learn more about these events and how you can shop with local and global impact!