Noonday's Fall Line Favorites

If you've been around here for more than one or two posts, you know that there is one key place where I find an intersection of ethical business, empowering women, cherishing children, connection, leadership, writing, travel, sisterhood, trafficking prevention, poverty eradication, AND (as if that weren't enough!) beautiful fashion and fun. All of that comes together for me in my business as a Noonday Collection Ambassador.

So I will be unashamed about that thing we all shy away from: promotion. I won't mumble about it because it's not self-promotion, it's promotion of a movement. I can boldly say that when you show up and say yes - yes to shopping, yes to hosting, or yes to joining my team - you are adding beauty, story, connection, and impact to your life and those around you. I won't be ashamed because I know that my success is intertwined with the artisans' success. I take seriously my commitment to market on their behalf, and they deserve me shouting from the rooftops about the pieces they've created, inviting you to fall in love with them as much as I have.

And so this post is my standing ovation to the handmade pieces that I am so, so honored to share with you. Pieces made by the hands of those rising out of vulnerability and into flourishing. The artisans we partner with, and the entrepreneurs who lead them, are immensely talented - and all it takes to turn their talent into transformation is a marketplace. In other words - YOU.

So enjoy this little round-up of what's new and exciting in the world of Noonday and its artisan partners! Click any image to shop and learn more. Want more? This post is basically a written version of a trunk show - I have plenty more styling and storytelling where this came from. Book your in-person or online show today at to enjoy style, story, and impact with your friends while you earn Noonday!

1. Eldorado Necklace and Earrings

The Edorado necklace and earrings are made of golden capim dourado grass in brazil

The Edorado necklace and earrings are made of golden capim dourado grass in brazil

How it's made: I have never seen anything like the El Dorado pieces, made of capim dourado grass. This piece is from our newest partner group in the Jalapao region of Brazil, the only place in the world where this golden-colored grass grows. They harvest the grass, weave it into crafts, and replant the seed from every blade harvested.

Why it's beautiful: The golden shimmer of the Eldorado pieces adds a touch of bling, but since they're made of grass, these pieces also have an earthy feel. They'd be at home with a little black dress or a t-shirt. Plus, they're incredibly lightweight. Ever been intimidated by statement earrings? Give these a try; I seriously forget I have them on.

Why it's meaningful: Fabiana is the leader of this artisan group. Her background was as an architect, and she has a passion for environmental sustainability. She brought together her love of planet and design to make a career shift, creating artisanal jobs for single moms in her community. By providing orders to her group, you can help sustain these jobs. And there's more: the fact that Noonday has added on this partnership is a great thing. Why? Because our primary commitment is to our existing partners, ensuring that we are helping sustain their growth. We only add new groups, with great care and planning, when we are confident our market will support it. In other words: because women like you show up, there is space for groups like Fabiana's to join our existing partners and grace the pages of our Look Book. It's a sign of health for Noonday and its partners, whose success goes hand-in-hand.


2. Monterey Bag

How it's made: all our leather products are from animals not killed for their hide. Artisans in Agra, India use sustainable practices to tan and weave this bag.

Why it's beautiful: I mean, it doesn't get any better than a classic leather bag. The woven detail, tassels, and sheen of quality leather elevate this piece, which is in a "doctor bag" silhouette. While the Rustic Leather Tote is still my daily go-to bag when I need to carry my laptop, the Monterey will be a favorite when I crave a smaller bag that can still hold a lot and go with everything. Better yet, the paisley pattern inside can bring a smile to your face every time you open 'er up.

Why it's meaningful: India is our biggest partner country, with over 1,400 artisans across the country employed by Noonday's partner businesses. Anurag leads this group in Agra. We seek out groups that are committed to providing opportunity to the most vulnerable in their communities, especially women, who often face violence and discrimination in the workplace. Anurag ensures artisans receive profit sharing, credit and pay advances, education, health training, and more to improve their quality of life while promoting crafting traditions.

Model is also wearing the Dune Necklace from India.


3. Threaded Chain Choker

How it's made: bundles of silver and gold chains are brought together with a bolo-style tie and maroon tassel.

Why it's beautiful: this piece is at once delicate and impactful as it catches the light. Better yet, it's adjustable - so if you don't want to go all-in on the choker trend, this piece will work with any neckline, any mood, any time. Plus, the slinky chains are super comfortable against your skin.

Why it's meaningful: This is another piece from India, where Arun leads a group of artisans and ensures safe working conditions, equal pay for women, and more.

Model is also wearing the Kaleidoscope Earrings from Peru and the Darling Wrap Bracelet from India.



4. Alma Earrings

How it's made: the metal in this piece is from recycled oil drums which are cut and hammered to create jewelry. It's resourceful, it's creative, and it's earth-friendly. Maroon-colored threads are added for a fun flair.

Why it's beautiful: Noonday is no stranger to fringey crescent earrings from Haiti, which we've carried in several colors - but these darlings are in a smaller "midi" size, making them a more approachable and lightweight statement option. Smaller size, with all the flirty, fringey flair. And the color is just divine for fall.

Why it's meaningful: Click here to read about Renal, who lost his metalworking workshop and storefront in Hurricane Sandy. Fortunately, he found work with our partner business, Haiti Design Co, and is now able to provide again for his family. He even restored a broken-down tap-tap truck to provide transportation for his kids and their neighbors to school. It's just one of many stories about artisans taking the opportunity they've been given, and passing it forward to others - which is exactly what I strive to do. Might these earrings inspire that in you too?

Also pictured: Plum Rope Necklace from Uganda and Woven Dreams Bracelet from Guatemala


5. Golden Arrows Necklace

No favorites list would be complete, for me, without a highlight from Vietnam. Ever since I first laid eyes on this piece in the workshop where it was made outside Hanoi, I was in love.

How it's made: ethically-sourced water buffalo horn has been recycled into crafts for 800 years. Click here for my detailed blog post about the Calypso Earrings, which are made using a very similar, multi-step process. The chevron-shaped horn pieces are paired with mixed metal from another group as they synergize and collaborate to execute this design.

Why it's beautiful: pendant-style necklaces are super wearable, and this chevron shape is classic as well as trending right now. Plus, I always love seeing different materials come together in one piece to add interest.

Why it's meaningful: in my blog post for Noonday about my trip to Vietnam, I described how innovation and collaboration are yielding pieces that are at once ancient and brand-new, which is exciting from a design perspective as well as an impact perspective: when ancient craft meets modern design and innovation, job opportunities grow. Furthermore, the fact that this is made from a natural material means each piece will truly be one of a kind, and a reminder of how this crafting tradition recycles and honors the animal so integral to its culture and agricultural economy.

Model is also wearing the Geo Necklaces (sold separately) from Vietnam, Echo Cuff from Vietnam (50% off in August with a $75 trunk show purchase), and Reflection Earrings from Peru.

An Invitation

I invite you to think about how these special designs can become a part of your life as you reach out to your sisters across the globe. Shop any time at my site. Host a show to expand your impact by sharing Noonday with your friends in a fun setting - and earn Noonday. (Remember - we do adoption fundraising shows, plus, if you're not local, we can partner to do an online show!) At a trunk show, I'll share similarly to above and bring to life these pieces and what makes them meaningful.

Or maybe the idea of earning an income through supporting artisan work intrigues you. You'd like to earn income with a flexible schedule, or a chance to travel the world, or to be part of a compassionate sisterhood. Maybe you'd like to challenge yourself to grow personally into entrepreneurship, or the sweet feeling of your accessories always being on point. Maybe it's all of the above! If so, I'd love to support your decision on joining as well as coach you toward success once you join! There is a place for you on my sweet, growing team of passionate, courageous, creative women. You can learn more at the button below - or better yet, set up a coffee or phone date so we can chat. Just shoot me a message at

That's three ways to connect. Choose your adventure below!

Which will it be, world changer?

me with Noonday's founder, Jessica Honegger, and the artisan behind the Golden Arrows Necklace, Calypso Earrings, and more

me with Noonday's founder, Jessica Honegger, and the artisan behind the Golden Arrows Necklace, Calypso Earrings, and more

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