Make a Statement: Noonday's 2019 Spring Line

With the launch of our new spring line, I’m participating in the Ambassador Style Challenge over on Instagram - and the prompts inspired me to go a step further and create a few blog posts.

Yesterday was all about Starting your Journey. Today is about Making a Statement. While this usually makes me think of big, bold pieces, it’s important to remember that “statement” needn’t mean “big.”

To me, statement means that your style is reflecting you in a unique way. And our new line has all kinds of ways to customize so that you can express yourself. There are charms to play around with on your necklaces or bracelets and earrings. There’s a new Rustic Leather Wallet that you can turn into a crossbody bag or a belt bag (aka fanny pack).

And, our new line of Inspire Necklaces and interchangeable pendants makes it easy to find your perfect combination.

Noonday Collection's fair trade pieces - rope paper bead necklaces from Uganda can be paired with various pendants for a personalized look.

This collection gives so much versatility. Each Inspire rope necklace ($28) can be worn on its own for a pop of color, with the hand-rolled paper beads from Uganda, where our artisan partners Jalia and Daniel now employ over 400 people in their community. Adding a pendant ($22) creates a long look that goes with just about every top. The pendants, from Kenya, Vietnam, and Ethiopia, can be swapped out for even more looks - which means your completed necklace will represent two very special countries where Noonday has partnerships.

Find your perfect combination at the button below!