Start Your Journey: Noonday's Spring 2019 Line

Today is the launch of Noonday Collection's spring line, as well as the week-long Ambassador Style Challenge! The prompts have inspired some blog posts, so you’ll be hearing from me more than usual in the coming days.

Today, Ambassadors are encouraged to share a photo on Instagram with the prompt, "Start Your Journey." Follow along with #ambassadorstylechallenge to be inspired!

The entire new catalog is all about a journey, and was shot in Guatemala with local talent. But the idea of a journey brought me to these new Filigree Hoops, from Vietnam.

These beauties are made of ethically sourced water buffalo horn, following a centuries-old crafting and recycling tradition in Vietnam. It’s the same technique as the Calypso Earrings (also pictured below), and I wrote about the process step-by-step here. Like all of Noonday’s horn pieces, the Filigree Hoops are incredibly lightweight. They create a style statement while being great for every day, whether you're running errands in jeans or dressing up for a night on the town.

These are not just gorgeous; they also remind me of how I started my journey.

I'm remembering the start of my Ambassador journey in 2016, when one of the pieces that first stole my heart was the Calypso Earrings, made by the same artisan group and process.

I'm remembering the start of my global traveling journey with Noonday, when I went on my very first artisan trip to Vietnam in 2018. It was surreal to see artisans at work, creating my beloved Calypso Earrings, reflecting on how my journey had gone from admiring this piece to seeing it first-hand after earning the chance to travel there.

And now, the Filigree Earrings continue that journey as they remind me of the start. Even the shape reminds me of the idea of coming “full circle.”

I’m also thinking forward to my next journey: I’m heading to Ecuador this June with Noonday, where the lovely black Honeycomb Earrings (pictured) were made from tagua seed, a process that is sustainable as well as reflective of crafting tradition.

Is one of these pieces your first love, like the Calypso Earrings were mine?

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