How to style big earrings with other jewelry (slide show)

As we continue through week one of Noonday Collection’s spring line launch, I want to feature one of my absolute favorite pieces: the Summer Skies Earrings. I just adore them with the Aurora Necklace. I’ll talk in a bit about why I love these pieces in particular…but first, let’s have a little chat about BIG statement earrings.

Although Noonday has plenty of earrings in all shapes and sizes, my style in earrings has definitely gotten bigger and bigger since joining Noonday, and I couldn’t be happier. I guess it took joining a Texas-based company to bring out my bigger style. Sometimes, we think something won’t work for us - until we try it on and see that we aren’t just pulling it off, but we’re rocking it. I’ve definitely found that women here in the Midwest don’t go Texas-style with their earrings all the time, but it’s so fun when they explore my table at a trunk show and find something to love outside of their comfort zone!

But even if you’re already sold on wearing big earrings, maybe you’re stumped on how to style them with other pieces. While you can absolutely let your earrings speak for themselves with no necklace, I have a few tips for how to pair them with a necklace or other pieces that will add beauty without making you feel overloaded.

In short - there are a lot of great ways to pair your statement earrings with necklaces.

Rule #1: There are no rules. If you love what you’ve paired together, wear it with confidence!

Rule #2: More of a principle, really, in light of Rule #1. If you aren’t sure where to begin, here’s what I do, which is also a “rule” of thumb many of the ambassadors pictured below agreed with. In general, the bigger my earrings are, the less likely I am to wear a necklace that has a lot of volume around my face. I’ll go for daintier short necklaces, sometimes layered together. Long pendant necklaces work great too, with or without shorter layers. I also love necklaces that have volume but where the volume is lower down, such as a chunky rope necklace or a bib style worn long. If the volume on my necklace(s) is light, I might go bulkier on the bracelet, or make an arm party by collecting several bracelets on one arm.

Scroll through my slide show for some examples and tips on all of these options, from me and my fellow Ambassadors! Huge thanks to them for helping me out with this post.

How to style statement earrings with other jewelry (slide show). Pictured: Noonday Collection's fair trade Summer Skies Earrings, Aurora Necklace and Gilded Stone Tray. #noondaystyle #fairtrade #noondaycollection

I hope these real-life photos inspire you to grab a big pair of earrings and rock them!

I could write volumes (see what I did there?) about each of these pieces, but let’s get back to the Summer Skies and Aurora, shall we?

I’m a total sucker for feminine details in my clothing and jewelry. A pop of blush, a touch of gold, a druzy stone…[swoon]. The earrings also have teal, which is the color of my car, my bedspread, my office wall, my winter coat - you get the idea. So the color combo of the Summer Skies is everything. Add in some great movement and their light weight that makes me want to wear them all day long, and these babies have my heart.

The Aurora Necklace combines druzy stone with moonstone, glass beads, and brass for a lot of interest in one piece. Layering of necklaces is a trend that is not going anywhere any time soon, and this one piece does it all for you for a one-and-done layered look. It’s a little fancy, but I loved it with a casual top to add a little sparkle when going out to dinner with a new friend.

What’s your favorite look? Do you love statement earrings most alone, with a pendant necklace, with dainty layers, or with a longer statement piece? Are you ready to try another way to style your big earrings - or perhaps purchase your first pair? Comment below, and pin an image to share!

Noonday has a wide range of styles - and I want to help you find the perfect look for YOU. Take my style quiz to get inspired - click below to get started!