Big news: I'm on the Motherbility blogging team!

Last year, I got to know Kirsten Adshead, the woman behind a site called Motherbility. She heard about the Kind Consumer Challenge I was doing, and asked if she could profile me on her site (you can read that here). At Motherbility, Kirsten works to inspire, connect, and support moms who are running businesses, through her hire-a-mom directory, informational content, community, and more.

When she announced she was expanding Motherbility and adding a blogging team, I immediately applied - and am thrilled to share my first post with you.

Click here to read it. The post dives deeper on what I shared here yesterday: how the Rana Plaza disaster 6 years ago today led to a Fashion Revolution, and my heart to help you connect with your own ability to change the world for the better.

This morning, Kirsten and I went live on Facebook to talk about what’s new at Motherbility, Rana Plaza, my story, and the power of taking just one step to create a better world through purposeful shopping.

I’m so grateful to Kirsten for how she uses her platform and for the chance to be a part of it! Be sure to subscribe here for my style quiz and to stay in the know about future posts here and at Motherbility.