Thanks for three years of impact with me!

It started with that time I felt inspired to host a Noonday trunk show.

team graphics (12).png

I had a growing interest in ethical fashion, and wanted chances to engage my friends in great conversations around it. I loved the little bit I'd heard about Noonday here and there, so went to the website, typed in my ZIP code, and waited for my screen to show me a list of area ambassadors.

"We can't find this ambassador," it said. Really? Zero ambassadors near Madison, WI?

I found that there were ambassadors who could maybe drive a couple of hours to have my trunk show (which I’ve done for others, several times), but really, I thought, SOMEONE should join around here. Madison needs Noonday! Come on, people! Somebody join! Somebody...


"You've failed at sales before," a voice in my head said. But you know what voice was louder? The one that pointed out my passion for engaging everyday consumers with the power they hold to create a better world. That said I've always loved jewelry and people and gathering with women and sharing my heart. That said maybe, just maybe, I could be the one to open the Madison market on behalf of the artisans Noonday partners with.

I'm so glad I listened to that voice - and in doing so, joined a community of women who remind each other of our worth every single day.

Three years later, I'm on the verge of a major milestone in my Noonday career. I’ve also been able to travel to Vietnam and Ecuador. And I have you to thank: you who have purchased, hosted, or joined my team; you who have told your friends about what I do and what Noonday does; you who have encouraged me.

This isn't "my" gig. Rather, it's my little sliver of a big movement, and one that I find joy in being a part of as you capture this vision with me.

Thank you!