Your style is…

Boho Flow

The boho look has come a long way since the 60's, darling, and you know how to rock flowy fabrics, fringey details, and natural materials mixed with pops of color.

Your signature piece: A carry-all bag in bright tones. The bright colors and traditional Guatemalan woven pattern in the Atitlan Tote, pictured here, make this your perfect go-to bag for busy days.

Trend to try: one-of-a-kind naturals. One can hardly call an 800-year-old tradition a "trend," but more women are craving unique looks that natural materials can provide. The water buffalo pieces from Vietnam are created in a way that honors the artisans as well as the buffalo that died of natural causes. Each piece will have its own shading and striations, just for you. See the Calypso Earrings below, and more here.

Browse a few looks that I think you’ll love! 

(One quick note: if this style doesn’t sound like you after all, click here to see all 5 types and see what other style may speak to you!)