Follow up and keep generating buzz!

I’m handling your follow-ups through Paperless Post, but you can also keep talking it up! We’ll stay in touch about how invitations are going. When you share your excitement, it will draw your friends in. Do this especially in person. And if you have Noonday, wear it proudly!

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Please keep an eye on Paperless Post because if some people aren’t opening or responding, it may be time for a follow-up text, call, or message from you. You can use the image here to send them:

Many women in our area don’t know about Noonday, or haven’t seen the newest line…and many are interested in learning about more ethical companies they can confidently support. You play a key role in spreading the word about this world-changing company. Thank you!

Prep for The Day of the Show

You play a huge role in making your show a success!

  • The day of your show, you'll want to have a couple of simple snacks on hand. This does not have to be fancy unless you want it to be! Cheese and crackers with a bottle of wine...cookies and get the idea. Simple, non-messy foods that people can munch on as they shop are ideal.

  • If you have extra postcards, Look Books, etc., set them aside for me and I’ll reuse them.

  • If you have a full-length mirror you can bring to the main space, please do.

  • I'll arrive about 45 minutes early, and will set up in your space however works best.

Plan Your Wish List

I hope you've been perusing to create a wish list! See this link for the chart showing the rewards you’ll earn. Note that for adoption shows, you won’t earn product credit (since Noonday is instead giving money to the adopting family), but you’ll still earn half-off items.