Your job during the show

As friends arrive, invite them in and to the display. Show them pieces you love and engage them in trying pieces on themselves. When you're enthusiastic, they will be too!

  • It sounds odd, but I suggest you do not say "there's no pressure to buy." Hear me out: I ask that you trust me that I don't pressure at all, and your friends will know there's no pressure! But, the goal is impact for our artisans, so it's important that you not make people second-guess their desire to buy, or make them think we're gathering only for education and fun. They won't be pressured, but I do want them to feel led to buy if it's right for them, and my commitment to the artisans is to encourage people to explore the style and story with an openness to buying. When hostesses point out there's no pressure, it unfortunately sometimes sends the message that they don't care if anyone purchases or that they’re timid about the product. Show that you're excited about the fun and the conversation, of course, but also that you’re excited about the invitation you’re extending to your friends to join a movement through purchasing if they feel led to do so.

  • Your friends will arrive and spend some time trying on pieces, mingling, and eating. Then, unless we've discussed a different format, we’ll do introductions (preferably with you introducing me and starting with sharing why you decided to host). I’ll explain more about Noonday, and share stories behind the pieces.

  • I’d like to show a brief video. We can do it using a DVD I’ll bring, or by using the link: I'll have my laptop if we need to use it.

  • People will usually be around and completing their shopping for about 2-2.5 hours after the start time. Once that's dying down, I'll start to tear down and load up.

After the Show

As I pack up, I’ll give you a preliminary show total so you have an idea of the rewards you’re earning. We need to close the show in a week, so try to get everyone’s orders in by 4-5 days after. This means (you guessed it) following up a final time - this time, with anyone who expressed interest at all. Those who came but had to run out with a promise to order online…those who couldn’t come but wanted to…those who asked questions about it. Share your show link again and tell them the deadline to order. Then, you and I will have a day or two to finalize your order, which will close out the show!