Trunk Show Hostesses: Invitation Instructions

Hey hostess!

As I’ve said, the Facebook or Paperless Post event I set up for you will corral RSVPs - but is NOT sufficient as an invitation method. So here’s what you need to know about sending out personal asks!

Who: Be sure to overinvite - about 50 guests - because many won't be able to come. You never know who may want to learn about Noonday. Include anyone not local too; they can shop online. The guests don't all have to be close friends and a trunk show/launch is not throwing a baby shower or a high school graduation! You're offering a global marketplace to everyone you can think of!

Who should you invite? Think FRANK: Friends, Relatives, Acquaintances, Neighbors, and Kids’ connections. Brainstorming these categories will get you a full list in no time!

When: As soon as I’ve set up your Facebook/Paperless Post invite, start adding people to it and sending this personal invite to point them to it! That way they’ll have two points of contact.

How: Every guest should have at least two touch points: their invitation when you add them to your Facebook/Paperless Post event, and a personal ask. Focus on an in-person conversation, phone call, postcard (if you requested those on your form), text, Facebook messenger, email, carrier pigeon…or, better yet, more than one of the above. This gives context to the Facebook/Paperless Post invite they’ll get - which will otherwise be ignored (we all know how that goes)!

show invite fall 2019.jpg

What to say: Use my wording as-is or personalize it. You can also mention things like, Noonday makes great gifts, we started as an adoption fundraiser, we work to empower women, our purchases support over 4,500 artisan jobs, and we focus on cherishing children and family preservation. Share whatever resonates with you and what will resonate with your guests. Combine this text with a graphic below - the one featuring jewelry, or, if your show is October 3 through the holiday season, you can use the wreath one!

Example: Hey {name}! I'm gathering some friends for a special event with Noonday Collection (and you can shop online starting now, even if you can't come in person!). Noonday is an amazing fair trade company specializing in handmade, on-trend accessories to empower people in vulnerable communities around the globe. We’ll get to try on the accessories and hear from our Ambassador Julie about the impact of our purchases, and the stories of the artisans behind Noonday. I think you’d love it! Can you come on {date/time}? Learn more or even order early at, and you can see the invitation and RSVP at {link to Facebook or Paperless Post event}. Hope you can join - and bring a friend!

Example: Hey, friend! I thought of you today. :) I’m having a Noonday Collection trunk show on {date/time} and I think you’ll love the new jewelry and gift items. Everything is fair trade and made by artisans living in vulnerable communities, and the pieces are REALLY stylish and fun, too! Will you join us or shop online? Learn more or even order early at, and you can see the invitation and RSVP at {link to Facebook or Paperless Post event}. Hope you can join - and bring a friend!

What’s next: follow-up is key! I’ll be in touch to support you as you reach out a couple more times to people. In the meantime, keep dreaming up your wish list and chatting with friends because your excitement will be contagious!