Follow up and keep generating buzz!

This is a great time to follow up with people. Remind those who said “yes.” Check in with those who said “maybe” or didn’t respond. Remember to follow up with people who live far away, or just can’t come but may be interested. They can shop online! When you share your excitement, it will draw your friends in. Do this especially in person. And if you have Noonday, wear it proudly!

One fun way to get people interested and involved is to ask their thoughts on snacks! “I’m picking up some wine for the show – do you like red or white?”

Finally, reaching out a final time, 1-2 days before the show, will ensure people don't forget about it!

Many women in our area don’t know about Noonday, or haven’t seen the newest line…and many are interested in learning about more ethical companies they can confidently support. You play a key role in spreading the word about this world-changing company. Thank you!

The Day of the Show

You play a huge role in making your show a success!

  • The day of your show, you'll want to have a couple of simple snacks on hand. This does not have to be fancy unless you want it to be! Cheese and crackers with a bottle of wine...cookies and get the idea. Simple, non-messy foods that people can munch on as they shop are ideal.
  • If you have a full-length mirror you can bring to the main space, please do.
  • I'll arrive about 45 minutes early, and will set up in your space however works best. The ideal situation is an 8-foot table near the food, but I've also set up on multiple tables, piano get the idea. If you'd like me to bring my 6' folding table, or you want to discuss details of set-up, please let me know ahead of time.
  • As friends arrive, invite them in and to the display. Show them pieces you love and engage them in trying pieces on themselves. When you're enthusiastic, they will be too!
  • It sounds odd, but I suggest you do not say "there's no pressure to buy." Please trust me that I don't pressure at all, and your friends will know there's no pressure! But, the goal is impact for our artisans, so it's important that you not make people second-guess their desire to buy, or make them think we're gathering only for education and fun. They won't be pressured, but I do want them to feel led to buy if it's right for them, and my commitment to the artisans is to encourage people to explore the style and story with an openness to buying. When hostesses point out there's no pressure, it unfortunately sometimes gives the impression that they don't care if anyone purchases. Show that you're excited about your show and the invitation you are extending to your friends to join a movement.
  • Your friends will arrive and spend some time trying on pieces, mingling, and eating. Then, unless we've discussed a different format, we’ll do introductions (preferably with you introducing me and starting with sharing why you decided to host). I’ll explain more about Noonday, and I’ll style guests in a few looks as I share stories behind the pieces.
  • I’d like to show a brief video. We can do it using a DVD I’ll bring, or by using the link: I'll have my laptop if we need to use it.
  • People will usually be around and completing their shopping for about 2-2.5 hours after the start time. Once that's dying down, I'll start to tear down and load up.

After the show

I hope you've been perusing your Look Book to create a wish list! I can give you a preliminary show total before I leave, and then will follow up a few days later if more online orders float in. You can follow up with those who said they might want to order. We'll close the show one week after it happens, by placing your Hostess order. We'll be in touch!

See you soon,