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And within the broader Ambassador community, my team is a place of support and sisterhood...with a seat at the table for you.

Want to know what my team is all about? You're invited to join us on our monthly meeting (via video-conference) in addition to one-on-one time to chat more so I can support you to make the right decision for you! Take a look at our team manifesto, email me at to set up a time to chat and get info on the next team call, and click the button at the bottom to learn more!

Earn a leather tote bag from Noonday Collection by joining as a Noonday Collection Ambassador

You can earn an income through impact

In addition to a competitive compensation plan, you can also earn a free leather tote bag upon joining (through March 31). You’ll receive product credit you can use toward the Rustic Leather Tote, Modern Leather Tote, or Arcadia Bag.

In other words…if you’ve been eyeing a $200 bag, why not spend $199 and you’ll get it PLUS a world-changing business?

And if you hit the ground running with sharing this amazing opportunity with other women, you can earn up to $500 in bonus cash!

You won't be alone

You'll find support in your business in several ways:

  • One-on-one coaching from me to help you work toward YOUR goals

  • Extra support during your "Runway" period (first few months) - including by joining you at your launch show if I'm able

  • Support in paying off your initial investment as early as the first month

  • Regular meetings with the team for training, connection, celebration, and encouragement

  • Great training, tools, and sales conference from our Home Office

  • An active nationwide Ambassador community to support and share ideas with you

Ready for more details or to join? Just click below!

And set up a time to chat with me!