Your style is…

One-of-a-Kind Glam

You love to stand out from the crowd with just-for-you pieces. You're not afraid of bold colors, mixing up styles and patterns, and a bit of sparkle and shine thrown in.

Your signature piece: A piece with lots of color and pattern from recycled elements. The Paradise Pouch, pictured here, was made for you - literally. Each is made of upcycled saris in India, so it is truly one-of-a-kind. Every tiny hole or faded patch of fabric is, to you, a story - imperfect by design - because it reminds you of the woman who wore this fabric before it made its journey to you.

Trend to try: Color blocking. you're not new to color, but try it in a blocked motif for a bright, fresh look, such as on the Paper Bliss Earrings below.

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