We have retired the "Four Pillars" webinar!

In order to stay up-to-date on the latest in the world of direct sales, we've closed the doors on this training, and replaced it with something even better: Party on Project Broadcast!

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Is social media letting you down?

Social media can be an amazing tool for any business. But if you are entrusting it with your most valuable business asset - your relationship with your customers and potential customers - you are building your business on a foundation of sand.

Social media has a place, though, so rather than an either/or approach, I will teach you a third way: a strategy that is centered on more reliable tools outside of social media, with social media used to complement and enhance these other methods.

For everything from keeping your audience informed of announcements...to your full-on party method...there is a way to stop relying on social media and reclaim your customer connections with more consistency and less frustration.

Check out the new "Party on PB" training to see how Project Broadcast can help you reclaim your relationship with your audience!

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