3 ways to make the most of your affiliate opportunity

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If you are loving the Direct Sales on Demand program, you're not alone! You're in good company with many other leaders and consultants across all different companies that have discovered a simpler way to host parties without all the fuss of schedules and algorithms.

Because you're a valued part of our DSOD community, we wanted to reward you for sharing the program with your friends and teammates through an affiliate opportunity. By signing up, you can earn a commission on your referrals. 

Plus, you'll have a way to share discounts with your friends!

We appreciate your generosity and willingness to share DSOD with others and wanted to make this experience as simple and effective as possible for you. We've come up with 3 easy ways you can make the most of your affiliate opportunity with us and provide value for your team, while also staying in compliance with our terms and conditions. So first, some preliminaries:


To review all the nitty-gritty details, please visit juliegodshall.com/legal to see the terms and conditions you agreed to when purchasing our programs and signing up to be an affiliate.

The DSOD course and templates are our intellectual property and you do not have the license to distribute information included in these programs, including your own derivations. Not only would this hurt our business, but it would also rob your team and friends of the full training and support they would find within the full course itself, and leave you stuck with answering all the questions! (And without any affiliate commission.)

Ultimately, our goal is to share in a way that encourages others to receive the full solution and support that the DSOD course and method provide, and in a way that does not undermine the program.

You cannot:

  • train on the techniques or methods outlined in the courses
  • share a template you received in the program, even if you have customized it beyond the original

You can:

  • do a demo of your own template or share the customer-facing website that guests see at your parties
  • share your personal experience with the program or with running your parties this way
  • share as shown below

Your Affiliate Opportunity

You can turn on your affiliate link at juliegodshall.com/affiliate and read all the fine print there on how to get started. This article will help set you up for success and get the most out of your affiliate experience!

3 Opportunities to Share

  • Tell your friends in direct sales. You can feel free to send others messages, or even post about it in online spaces you share with other consultants. And don't forget - they don't need to be from your same company! DSOD is for anyone looking to level up their online events. We've created some fun graphics you can use as well as sample wording.
  • People will come to you - be ready! Every time you host an on-demand show, you may have people ask you about it - such as guests who happen to be consultants at other companies - so be prepared to answer questions and send your affiliate link.
  • At a team meeting, you were asked to share about your success using on-demand parties (or you're the leader of the team yourself!) so you can feel free to provide a demo of a past show, slides that we've created, or your experience. You cannot share the template or train on the DSOD method - that's what we're for! This presentation is about sharing the opportunity to join the DSOD program.

Which Link to Share

Those who want to see DSOD in action should check out my free demo - which is a Canva website all about DSOD! In it, they are invited to click to text me, interact on a form, and more, so they are immersed in the experience. Plus, they'll get a limited-time discount on the program. Your list of affiliate links includes a link to check out this Canva demo!

Some people may not be ready to sign up, and that's okay. We still want to get to know them! They can use an affiliate link (see all your affiliate links here) to take some free training! Right now, we have a free webinar (four tools for customer connection without relying on social media) and our free mini-course on Canva tips and tricks and get immediate results in the form of several ready-to-customize templates. If they love the training, they can continue into the DSOD program - and you'll get the credit!*

Want a little primer on the various share links? Click here.

In summary, we'd love for you to share all about the DSOD method and how it's helped your business. As an appreciation for sharing, we're offering you affiliate commission on those who sign up using your custom link.

We also created graphics, suggested words, and even a team meeting slide deck to make sharing even easier for you and the experience for those new to DSOD excellent. Please follow our compliance guidelines so that everyone has the best experience possible.


*Cookie Disclosure: There is a 30-day cookie period on your affiliate link. This means people who click on your link will be "remembered" by our system, and have the sales and commission attributed to you, for 30 days only before they will need to use the link again before signing up. However, if they clear the cookies on their browser, use a different browser, or purchase after the 30-day period, the tracking will not work, and we cannot grant credit retroactively. To ensure proper tracking, you may consider providing an affiliate link to the DSOD program itself as you follow up to see what they thought of the free mini-course.

Access graphics, sample wording, and slide deck here