Discover handmade accessories that reflect your style and your values.

You can live an impactful life and up your style game at the same time with Noonday Collection. I’ll show you how.





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Hi, I’m Julie.

I work at the intersection of fashion, advocacy, and entrepreneurship so that you are empowered to change the world and look great while doing it.

Whether you want to shop Noonday’s accessories, invite your friends to make impactful and stylish purchases, or become a social entrepreneur, you’re in the right place.

Julie Godshall offers fair trade accessories and inspiration toward being an everyday world-changer. Take the style quiz to discover your path to impact with Noonday Collection.
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Get Styled

Ready to discover or expand your personal style? Find pieces that help you feel confident in your style on the outside, and confident in your potential for impact on the inside. Each piece ties you to a story of restoration around the globe - and to your own story of being an everyday world changer. If you’re tired of meaningless purchases and crave connection and story, discover how to incorporate ethical, on-trend pieces that align your outer style with your beautiful, compassionate heart.

Every piece is handmade by artisans in vulnerable communities who are able to live flourishing lives because of access to great jobs - and it’s all made possible when women like you and me say yes to purchasing with purpose.

Business can be a powerful tool for female empowerment, orphan prevention, trafficking prevention or aftercare, and poverty eradication. And that means that you, as a consumer, can put your wallet to work to fight for these causes by shopping with intention. Get started below.

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Spread the Word

Expand your impact by shopping with friends and earn free and half-priced pieces. Or, support an adopting family with an adoption fundraiser trunk show. Either way, I’d love to partner with you and share the story and style of Noonday with your circle.

Shows can be in person in the Madison, WI area, or online if you’re not local. Noonday ships within the U.S. and to APO addresses.

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Build the Movement

Earn an income with impact by joining my team of world changers. You’ll build a movement while setting your own goals and your own hours. You’ll create job opportunities around the globe while adding style to your own and others’ lives. You’ll earn an income with our competitive compensation plan while growing in confidence and compassion. Plus, I’ll personally coach you toward success as you create impact through your influence.

You can even earn a trip to visit our Artisan Business Partners. After traveling to Vietnam in 2018 and Ecuador in 2019, my goal is India, Peru, or Guatemala in 2020. Will you join me there to explore our beautiful world with friends and see the impact of fair trade first-hand?

My team is growing and driven, and there is a place for you here! Learn how below.

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Add more beauty, story, and impact to your life.