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If you're looking for tools and strategies to build without burnout, you're in the right place. As the creator of the Direct Sales On Demand party method, which frees you, your hosts, and your guests from Facebook shenanigans and scheduling stress, I am passionate about equipping you to connect with customers on a deeper level - without all the overwhelm.

Direct Sales On Demand has leveled up now, with Sparkhub: your central command center for running your events with ease! See how Sparkhub helps you run all of your events - On Demand and otherwise - at our demo. Sparkhub contains the same training and templates formerly housed in the DSOD program, with the huge added benefit of software that pulls it all together!

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Social media is great, but if you're depending on it to grow your business, you are in for a losing battle. Join my FREE webinar now to learn how to leverage Project Broadcast for all of your events. Grab your spot below!


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