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Join over 1,000 others by learning the Direct Sales On Demand method.
You can revamp your online parties in an afternoon.

It's time for a fresh way to host your online direct sales parties with more efficiency, and with no Facebook algorithms or scheduling stress...so you can focus on what you do best: connecting with and serving your audience.

I am ready to begin now!

Get more eyes on your valuable content .

You pour your heart into your content and guest experience, introducing them to a community and beautiful products. 

But your carefully written posts get hidden on Facebook. You're pulling your hair out trying to understand algorithms (did they teach this in math?!), and wrestling with hosts to find a night in their schedule.

Sound familiar?

With the DSOD Method, you suddenly have MORE time, MORE people seeing your content and joining you in this curated experience, and MORE success and fun to boot.

All with free, easy-to-use online tools.


Give every guest a full online party experience - on their own time.

Guests will binge on your presentation like they binged on the latest season of The Crown: On Demand.

And they will actually show up.

Imagine an easy "yes" even from the busiest of hosts with the DSOD Method.

Say goodbye to Facebook jail.

And hello to sharing content with freedom.

Your guests can participate in a DSOD event on their own time - and so can you!

There is no need for gimmicks, keeping up with the latest from Zuckerberg, or timing everything perfectly.

Just a high-quality network marketing party experience with an efficient system set up in an afternoon.


I am excited to ditch Facebook Events for the DSOD Method!

Direct Sales On Demand is for you if...

  • You want a simple, streamlined presentation that will hold your guests' attention
  • You want potential hosts with busy schedules to be able to say YES to hosting
  • You are tired of paying monthly fees for Facebook scheduling tools, only to have your audience not even see your amazing content
  • You want another tool available for guests that need more flexibility
  • You are looking for a community of positive, supportive, and creative direct sellers like yourself

In just a few hours of self-paced learning, you could learn how to reclaim your relationship with your party guests - and reclaim your time - with a fresh, scalable, and connecting method.

I am ready to scale my business with less stress.

"Game changer!"

"I am LOVING LOVING LOVING everything. This is *exactly* what I've been dreaming of creating but didn't know how. I mean seriously. Game. CHANGER. THANK YOU!"


Follow a step-by-step path.

"Just want to say a BIG thank you and give you a virtual hug 🤗. Today over my lunch hour I worked on my template for my on demand trunk show. With your tips it was EASY! I am not techie AT ALL! I really can’t thank you enough!!!"


See Direct Sales on Demand in Action

  • Create a URL for guests and hosts - with no coding, or domain, or fees required
  • Easy-to-edit design template
  • Guests can watch anytime - no need to coordinate schedules
  • Simple, mobile-friendly format
  • Company branded design
  • Ability to add and change your own videos, graphics, interactive forms, links, etc. at any time
  • No monthly fees or algorithms to figure out
  • Simple, scalable, and connecting

Here's what you get:

Course: The Direct Sales On Demand Method ($99 value)

A comprehensive, self-paced course that covers the exact steps to take to create your unique party plan: host coaching, checklists, booking, sample wording, and much more.

Course: Canva Websites ($79 value)

Through this course, you'll learn how Canva, a free online design tool, can help you reclaim your relationship with your audience. You'll master the interactive elements, learn advanced skills you won't find anywhere else, and troubleshoot display issues, so you can create sites for your On Demand events, invitations, virtual business cards, and other purposes.

An On Demand Template ($20 value)

This program includes access to a party template of your choice, and training on exactly how to use it. You'll get a template designed with best practices in mind, and suitable for most direct sales companies. Or, chose a brand-specific template from our growing library!

Optional: Done-for-you Template Preparation

For an additional fee, one of our vetted designers can create your Presentation Site for you with information you provide, such as headshots and links to include. It will give you a head start, and your know-how from the Canva Websites course will still give you the flexibility to edit over time to your heart's content.

...all for $127, or 3 payments of $46

plus the optional Done-for-you design service, starting at just $89.

With all the support we provide, that's worth well over a $200 - plus huge time savings because you get to follow a step-by-step roadmap.

Choose your option:

One-time Payment (save $11)

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I am ready to take control of my online events.

Direct Sales on Demand takes the guesswork out of events.

Other scheduling platforms still require you to deal with the hassle of social media algorithms and updates, and are expensive! 

Monthly costs add up. With the Direct Sales on Demand Method, you are using free tools to create countless beautiful events in just an afternoon!

Oh hey!

I'm Julie, the creator and instructor of the DSOD method. Would you believe I hated doing virtual parties for the first 3.5 years of my business? I was actually fully content to just be an in-person trunk show kind of girl...until COVID-19 put and end to that. I was determined to find the best way to party online. But every option I found made me rely on a platform that wasn't interested in my success, or on making all the guests gather in sync - which didn't work with every guest or even every host. As a tinkerer at heart, I explored and refined a completely innovative approach that my hosts and guests love. And I decided that you, too, need that same freedom and energy in your business. Let's get back to what drew us into this work in the first place: helping people, not keeping up with Facebook shenanigans or stressing over party scheduling.

I want Julie to teach me how!

FAQs: You may be wondering...

Are you ready for a change?


Join the growing DSOD movement now and get:

  • The DSOD Method course, to learn how to plan and run simple events;
  • The Canva Websites course to learn how to use this amazing platform for your parties;
  • A template of your choice to give you a plug-and-play experience;
  • Community support so you never feel left hanging again; and
  • Optional design support. 
I am so there - sign me up already!