New: how to offer a discount to your friends!

As an affiliate, you can offer special opportunities to your fellow consultants to join DSOD at a limited-time discount! You know those ads in your favorite podcasts where they say, "Use my special link to get $20 off"? Now you get to gift that to others. Click below for guidance, tips, and even sample images and wording to help you spread the word!

Affiliate Guide

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Click below to access your affiliate portal. There, you can grab your links to share out, and view your results!

Affiliate Portal

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Sign up to get rewarded when you share DSOD with your fellow consultants, in your company and beyond! (Just be sure you're in compliance with any of your company's policies, as some direct sales companies prohibit earning affiliate income. You may leave the Paypal field blank to decline income, in which case I will use the funds to support microlending through

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How it works:

You can get rewarded when others sign up for the Direct Sales on Demand program using your link. This can even happen if you post a link other than the DSOD sales page - such as a link to my free Mini-Course, or a webinar sign-up page - and someone joins there and later purchases DSOD*! The affiliate payout is 8% of their purchase price of the base program (about $10 per referral at the full price). Whether your referrals fund a couple of lattes or become regular, significant revenue for you as you share DSOD with your growing team, I want to reward you for sharing your friends with me!

Kick it up a notch: if you're a direct sales leader and want to bring this method to your consultant community, look here at how we can partner to make that happen.

I pay my Affiliates by the 15th of the calendar month, based on the previous calendar month's referrals, minus any refunds. You'll receive your payment via PayPal to the PayPal email you provide when you join at the button above.

Do you want to be able to track enrollments and offer discounts to friends, but not get the payment? No problem. Just leave the PayPal field blank. I will send the funds instead to, to fund loans to businesses in underserved areas!

Can't find your affiliate credit?

*Note that I cannot retroactively give affiliate credit that is not tracked to you in the system. If someone uses your affiliate link, it will credit you for an eligible purchase made within 30 days, as long as they use the same browser and their cookies are not cleared from their browser. Otherwise, the system has no way to track them to you. Also, if they use your link but then later click a link from another affiliate, then their purchase will be credited to that affiliate; we cannot credit multiple affiliates. Further, this program is only for those in good standing with Julie Godshall LLC. If you violate the Terms and Conditions of my program or default on a payment, I reserve the right to withhold your affiliate earnings.

Questions? Contact [email protected].