Is your company ready for a new way to party?


We've launched the Direct Sales On Demand method to several companies. Yours could be next.


As a “Pioneer” of the On Demand method at your company, you will work with us toward a launch that will provide exclusive support and perks to you, your teammates, and your broader community. It would include

  • A launch webinar open to anyone at your company who wants to see what DSOD is about

  • Creation of an On Demand template specific to your company
  • An affiliate earning opportunity so you can be rewarded for spreading the word

  • All who enroll will have access to a private Facebook group, with launch support from us!

So, what’s your role? Let’s start with an intro Pioneer call to go over the timeline so you can decide if this is the right next step for you. 

Ready to chat? Complete the form below and then book your discovery call on the following screen. We’ll be in touch!